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Our approach is to align with your sales and marketing goals to deliver a return on your investment.

Communications Planning & Strategy

Research, planning and strategizing are critical components of any successful PR campaign. We work with your sales and marketing teams to develop strategies, tactics and goals that align with your objectives and deliver meaningful results that ultimately support your reputation management and positively impacts your bottom line.

Crisis Communications

A crisis can make or break your business and how you communicate during troubling times can make the difference in whether and how your brand emerges. With years of experience managing crisis response strategies and serving as spokesperson for a variety of entities, we ensure our clients are prepared to manage unfortunate situations in the public spotlight.

Media Relations

We pride ourselves on the genuine relationships we maintain with our extensive network of journalists. We know the perfect story angle is one that serves both the client and the media and use that to generate valuable, quality coverage, including leveraging these relationships to secure backlinks and increase SEO rankings.

Influencer Marketing

In the ever-changing digital landscape, influencer engagement is a crucial aspect of public relations. Our team works to vet influencers and maximize partnerships to ensure the best return possible.

Content Creation Services

Press releases, e-newsletters, crisis statements, social media imagery or anything else your team may need, our group of experienced communications professionals will craft content that’s engaging, informative and most of all, effective.

Community Management and Social Media Storytelling

Storytelling is at the heart of all communications. The more compelling the copy and images, the better the engagement. Let us transform your social platforms into storyboards that expertly convey your messaging and ensures a connection with your audience.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion/Niche Market Specialization

TJM offers clients decades of experience with market specialization initiatives. With an array of projects targeting ethnic, lifestyle and affinity segments, clients depend on us for expertise and appropriateness, marked by heightened cultural sensitivity to ensure the message reaches the target market effectively. We have assisted leading tourism destinations, hotels, events and major corporations with projects focused on a variety of segments, from ethnic to affinity. When your target market is a segment of the market, you can depend on us to navigate effectively and appropriately.

Stakeholder Engagement

An impactful communications strategy takes your entire audience base into consideration. We recognize when and how to activate your key internal stakeholders and partners. Whether it’s corporate or brand leadership, owners, investors or partners, we’re no strangers to developing strategies to ensure seamless communications targeted to key internal audiences.

Brand Partnerships & Collaborations

Aligning your brand with others can unlock unique opportunities to expand your messaging. The right fit is the key. Our proven experience in brand matchmaking helps uncover synergies between brands and ensures everyone wins!

Experiential Marketing & Activations

Trade, consumer, social events and more … you can trust our team bring the creative ideation to help attract attention and traffic. From a virtual experience to a small traditional layout to a re-imagined space, we can develop programming, activities and incentives to create an activation to remember. Our partnership with one of the most sought-after event design and planning companies, Events by Andre Wells, expands our reach to offer clients unmatched expertise in setting and décor conceptualization and production coordination. Whether it’s a booth or a banquet, a party or a pop-up, we can conceptualize, design and manage the perfect solution against a stunning backdrop to punctuate any occasion.

Conventions and Events Media Management

We can maximize your presence at industry events with customized media relations opportunities, from press conferences to media room management to media-specific activities, virtual or in-person.

Media Events, Openings, Launches & More

It’s true. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. That’s why we take extra efforts to ensure your special events not only underscore your media messages but also reflect the perfect mix of sophistication and strategy. From customized media guest lists to unforgettable event experiences, we manage every aspect of media event attendance to ensure our clients leave the best impression and give our media much to talk about.

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